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Finalists in four categories: Sustainability Superstar, Partnering for Good, Smarter Transport, & Revolutionising Energy
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Finalists in two categories: Renewables Impact Award and EECA Business Energy Management Award
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EECA 2016 Category Winner: Z Energy Transport Award
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EECA 2016 University of Waikato Innovation Award Commended
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Sound Bites

  • The ChargeNet network currently has over 170 rapid DC charging locations and over 120 AC chargers open throughout New Zealand (as of October 2019).
  • A rapid charging station will charge a DC-compatible plug-in Electric Vehicle at the rate of around 100 km every 20 minutes
  • Fast Charging data from ChargeNet NZ show an average fast charge costs customers around $7 NZD
  • New Zealand is a perfect geographical, technical, and economic environment to adopt Electric Vehicle technology. At least 80% of NZ electricity is already sourced using renewable methods, and electrification of vehicles would strengthen the local economy and eventuate in energy independence for New Zealand
  • ChargeNet NZ have a flexible and transparent offering that can be easily scaled to suit a variety of partnership arrangements
  • ChargeNet NZ have a long-term strategy of developing, testing and supporting a robust and portable software offering that will give businesses and end users flexibility and encourage a consistently positive customer experience while preserving full control of costs and offerings for businesses wishing to manage Charging infrastructure
  • Over 16,000 Electric vehicles were registered with the Ministry of Transport as at October 2019. This phenomenal growth easily achieves the NZ Government’s target of doubling the national fleet each year.
  • Introduction of reliable Rapid Charging infrastructure has consistently correlated with increased adoption of Electric Vehicles in Norway, Netherlands, USA and other nations.