ChargeNet Celebrates 6000 EVs in New Zealand

New Zealand’s EV community got an early Christmas present with the fleet hitting 6,000 registrations.

This time last year there were 2,547 EVs registered and numbers have increased 136% in the year. This year’s 3,485 total registrations were made up of 2,154 used electric (62% of 2017 registrations) followed by 649 new electric (19%).

ChargeNet CEO Steve West is delighted to see this crucial milestone reached in New Zealand, well ahead of the Government’s target.

“We are really pleased to see that this crucial milestone in the uptake of EV has been met. The momentum is undeniable. We are exceeding the government’s ambitious target for the growth of electric vehicles, but we know this is just the beginning.

“The reason that ChargeNet was started in the first place was to make electric vehicle charging simple and EV ownership accessible to all New Zealanders.

“Achieving this is an important to ensuring NZs energy independence and realising our identity of a clean green and 100% pure NZ.”

Chief Operating Officer, Nick Smith, adds that this milestone could only have been reached with the public being confident that there is a nationwide charging infrastructure there to support the industry’s growth.

“Kiwi EV owners need to be confident that there is a charging infrastructure there to support them, whether they’re driving around town or heading out on a road trip.

“Our nationwide fast charging network has already opened up the length and breadth of NZ to EV owners and our network is constantly expanding. As of today we have 60 stations operational and aim to have 105 stations by 2019.

“International experience tells us that reliable charging infrastructure is a key component in uptake of EV and we are proud of the role that we are playing in this.”

Steve West agrees, saying, “While we know this major milestone is a cause for celebration, we know from looking to countries like Norway that we could be doing even better if the right conditions are put into place.”

In New Zealand, Auckland continues to lead the charge regionally. They own 50% of the light EV fleet, a total of 2,864 vehicles, considerably above their share of the nation’s population (34%)

The size of the region’s light EV fleet has more than doubled annually since 2013, when there were just 63.