E-Stop Error Message

You may occasionally see the E-STOP error message displayed on our Veefil stations (or any station.)

The good news is that it’s an easy fix that you, as ChargeNet registered users, can do yourselves.

If you come across this error message twist the big red emergency stop button to the right until it pops back out. If you have your car plugged in, its best to replace the cable back into its pocket now too. The station will begin a self-diagnostic test to ensure that there wasn’t a genuine reason for the emergency button having been pushed. Once the 5-minute countdown has finished, it will be ready to start charging. Call 0800 2 CHARGE in the unlikely event the countdown confirms an error.

The emergency stop button is located in the lower centre of ChargeNet’s Tritium Veefil stations and at the top-left of our big box-like charging stations.
Please call us on 0800 2 CHARGE if you have issues stopping the station – because pushing the e-stop button only serves to inconvenience the next user.

The plastic cover over the e-stop button has been removed from all ChargeNet stations. This is done purposely for a few reasons: people were hesitant about “smashing the glass” and they were a nuisance to keep replacing.

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