How much does it cost?


DC Rapid Charging

Just like filling your ICE car with petrol varies depending on how much you put in and the ever-changing petrol rates, the cost to charge an EV will depend on how much of a charge you receive. The good news is that our rates seldom change.

Charging at a ChargeNet DC charger generally costs $0.25/kWh plus $0.25/minute. On our Veefil stations, the total cost is displayed on the LED screen as you charge and you may stop the charge at any time.

Some of ChargeNet’s partner stations are currently in free mode. The Power Park stations in Rotorua and Hastings costs $0.40/kWh but do not charge a per minute rate. You can find out the exact charging rate by logging into your ChargeNet account and checking the Start Charge page.

AC Fast Charging

As of November 2017, AC charging at a ChargeNet branded station remains free. On some of our stations, you may be required to use a ChargeNet fob to activate or unlock the station. There will be no charge to your fob.  We will advise on our website and Facebook page if AC Charging were to stop being free.

RFID Fobs and Opening an Account

Our RFID fobs cost $1 each plus $5 postage and are reusable.  Registering for an account is free, but please note that when adding a VISA or Mastercard to your account, you must have at least $3 credit available.

Our SMS alert feature and our phone app are free to our customers.