What cars are compatible?


You must have a plug-in light EV (Battery EV or a Plug-in Hybrid EV) to use our rapid DC chargers, but not all EVs have compatible sockets for our connectors. Conventional hybrids, such as the Prius, are not compatible.  If purchasing a plug-in EV, please ensure it has one of the following two ports, if you wish to be able to access the DC Fast Chargers on the ChargeNet NZ network.


CHAdeMO port

CCS Type 2 port









In late 2016, NZTA published a standard for NZ EV Connectors. It recommends CHAdeMO and CCS-Type 2 ports as NZ standards for DC charging.


By far the most popular connector on the NZ EV fleet is CHAdeMO, which is used by Japanese vehicles, such as the Nissan LEAF, and Tesla with an adaptor.



To be discontinued: CCS-Type 1 port

CCS (combined AC/DC charging system) exists in two forms: Type 1 to suit American cars and Type 2 for European cars. ChargeNet has been lobbying for the European standard to be officially adopted in NZ, which would enable a larger range of vehicles to be imported to NZ. The CHAdeMO/CCS-Type 2 standard was agreed upon in December 2016. The job remains to switch all the existing infrastructure to the new standard. This is being done as resources allow and was largely completed by mid-May 2017, with just a few stations still to be swapped.


Tesla owners will need to purchase an official Tesla-CHAdeMO adaptor which will enable Tesla vehicles to connect to the ChargeNet NZ rapid charging network.  Talk to your Tesla dealer to see if your Tesla is compatible with the CHAdeMO standard.

These adaptors do not work for other models of EV. There are aftermarket CCS Type to Type adaptors around, but ChargeNet has tested some of these and has yet to find a quality, safe product. Please be aware that using an unofficial aftermarket adaptor may void your vehicle warranty and insurance.