What is Plugshare?


Plugshare is an international crowd-sourced map app, downloadable to most smartphones which can also be viewed at www.plugshare.com. The Plugshare map shows the location of EV chargers.

All ChargeNet stations are listed on Plugshare. Anyone who is prepared to allow the public to charge their EVs at their premises may also list on Plugshare, making it a comprehensive map of EV chargers currently available in New Zealand.

The search function allows you to filter results by charger and connector type, price and location. For example, if you are only interested in finding nearby public DC Rapid chargers, you can filter out the AC trickle-charge and AC medium-speed chargers. However, Plugshare does not have the ability to distinguish between CCS-Type 1 and CCS-Type 2 chargers.

To get the most out of Plugshare, users can log-in each time they connect to one of our stations. This enables other users to know ahead that the station is busy and potentially enables them to phone you if your charging session has finished. You can also note any problems you encountered at the station and upload your own photos.

In addition, Plugshare can be used to plan trips and to book yourself in as next in the queue at a busy station. The Plughare app is a useful tool, but it is not failproof.

Please note that ChargeNet NZ does not own Plugshare and cannot control the information uploaded to it by the general public. We take no responsibility if the Plugshare app is temporarily offline. We do not police any queue forming on Plugshare. We cannot guarantee that the address details are accurate.

For more information see http://faq.plugshare.com/article/7-why-should-i-use-plugshare