New Charger Locations

Since our inception in 2015, we’ve surpassed our initial goals of having 75 chargers installed by 2019. We are now aiming to make our network even more robust and comprehensive in both the DC and AC charging spaces. Check out our newest charging locations.


Fortrose Cafe

14 September 2021



14 September 2021

ChargeNet Riverton


3 May 2021

ChargeNet New Site - Devonport New World

Devonport (New World)

7 April 2021

ChargeNet New Charger Robert Street Hypercharger

Taupo HPC (Robert St)

26 March 2021

ChargeNet New Charger New Lynn New World

New Lynn (New World)

5 February 2021

ChargeNet New Charger Durham Street

Durham St (New World)

22 January 2021

ChargeNet New Charger Durham Street New World

Marton (New World)

21 January 2021

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