Smart New Technology from Mitsubishi

The ChargeNet team recently supported the launch of the updated and smarter PHEV Outlander 4WD at Simon Lucas Mitsubishi in Auckland.

PHEV Outlander customers have been vocal about their desire to have a DC Fast Charging port in the PHEV Outlander.  Mitsubishi listened! And have proudly released their new and improved 2017 XLS and VRX models.

[From left] Richard Edwards, Simon Lucas, Mark Yates, James Cozens

 The event took the format of a panel discussion. Panellists were: Mark Yates from Ecotricity and Juicepoint, James Cozens representing the Better NZ Trust, Richard Edwards of Automedia Group, and of course Simon Lucas, Managing Director of Simon Lucas North Shore.

Nick Smith, Operations Manager at ChargeNet, took along a demo-model full-scale DC charger and also fielded some of the impromptu questions put to the panel.

On display alongside the ChargeNet charger were two beautiful SUVs, one in white and the other in ruby black, which I thought could be more accurately described as aubergine.

From a personal viewpoint, the PHEV Outlander is my car of choice. Why? Because it is the only reasonably priced electric vehicle which fulfills the needs of my family. For starters, my giant-breed dog will not fit into any other reasonably priced EV. Boot space is huge, as is the rear seat legroom.  The ability to tow, roof racks, and the petrol engine for those times you want to drive to remote areas are all on my requirements list.

So, the inevitable question is: Can existing NZ-new Outlanders be converted to DC charging? Simon Lucas says, “While Mitsubishi has been looking into the feasibility of doing this, the complications associated with such a conversion would probably make it uneconomic. At this stage, it is looking very unlikely.”  However, he went on to add that there is a healthy market for second hand PHEV Outlanders. “Many people are prepared to forego the ability to DC Charge if it means they can get into a cheaper second-hand hybrid SUV.”

PHEV Outlander

Along with the added rapid charging capabilities, the new PHEV Outlander offers an 8 year/160,000 km battery warranty, increased range and fuel efficiency, improvements in handling and stability, collision avoidance technology, and adaptive cruise control.

ChargeNet NZ congratulates Mitsubishi and Simon Lucas North Shore on their new DC compatible SUV. We are looking forward to seeing more EV technology in the Mitsubishi lineup.

Rachelle has worked at ChargeNet and solPR since June 2016. She is a published author with her first novel "Her Road From War" currently available on Amazon. Rachelle is known to some of you as Ally McCormick, but reverted to her maiden name recently.