Wellington, do you want on-street EV charging? Then we need your help.

Share your support for electric vehicle on-street charging points with the Wellington City Council

If you’re an EV owner in Wellington (or would like to own one soon) we’d love you to take a couple minutes before July 13 to make an online submission to the Wellington City Council and show support for the installation of a network of convenient on-street chargers for residents.

It’s all part of the plan by us and the Council, with support from EECA, to turn our capital city into a low carbon city with cleaner air and a healthier and more enjoyable environment. There’s a lot to love about EVs. They’re cheaper to run (only 15% of the cost of running an equivalent sized petrol vehicle), good for the environment, and fun to drive but without proper charging infrastructure in place Wellington is going to fall behind the rest of the country.

There are currently over 8,000 EVs on our roads, with a thousand of those registered in the capital – and that number just keeps on growing!  These EVs are going to need somewhere to charge and while most EV owners do so at home overnight, the Council says one in four Wellington residents have no garage so must park on the street — that’s a significant hurdle to Wellington EV ownership.

The plan is to have on-street charging points in 34 residential locations around the city, each with two chargers. Locations have been selected where residents seeking a public charging station near their home have formally responded to the Wellington Council on-street charging trial. Each location has also been picked where there are a dozen or more homes nearby that lack off-street parking, so that the charger will be valuable to many local residents in the future. The chargers, installed and operated by us, will take up about as much space as a Pay and Display parking machine, suitably compact to ensure walkers, prams, scooters, and wheelchairs retain good access to the footpath.

Electric Vehicles are no longer a fad – they’re the future of transport in New Zealand and we’re proud to support Wellington Council in undertaking this groundbreaking project. If you’re an EV owner in Wellington (or would like to own one soon) we’d love your support in order to make this project a reality!

Visit the Wellington City Council submissions site and click ‘Make a submission’ before July 13.

To find out more you can visit the Wellington City Council website. If you have questions you can email the Council at electricvehicles@wcc.govt.nz

Further Information:

Making a submission:

Your submission could follow the following format:

“Dear Wellington City Council,
Regarding 34 Traffic Resolutions numbered TR69-18 through TR102-18.
I support all of the above proposals by Wellington City Council to install electric vehicle chargers and make the car parking there for electric-vehicles only.
(Further personal reasons, optionally, e.g. that these chargers remove a barrier as they will be in areas where homes lack the ability to charge overnight, and, they raise visibility and which will increase the numbers of electric vehicles in Wellington.)
Yours sincerely,

Proposed Locations:

TR69-18 Worcester St, Wilton
TR70-18 Pembroke Rd, Northland
TR71-18 Northland Rd, Northland
TR72-18 Bank Rd, Northland
TR73-18 Rodney St, Northland
TR74-18 Boundary Rd, Kelburn
TR75-18 Holloway Rd, Aro Valley
TR76-18 Epuni St, Aro Valley
TR77-18 Stafford St, Mt Victoria
TR78-18 The Crescent, Roseneath
TR79-18 Marewa Rd, Hataitai
TR80-18 Duncan Tce, Kilbirnie
TR81-18 Miramar North Rd, Miramar
TR82-18 Sutherland Rd, Lyall Bay
TR83-18 View Road, Houghton Bay
TR84-18 Hornsey Rd, Melrose
TR85-18 Jackson St, Island Bay
TR86-18 Melbourne Road, Island Bay
TR87-18 Mersey St, Island Bay
TR88-18 Owen St, Newtown
TR89-18 Coromandel St, Newtown
TR90-18 Coromandel St, Newtown
TR91-18 Wright St, Mt Cook
TR92-18 Fanham St, Mornington
TR93-18 Clarence St, Brooklyn
TR94-18 Karepa St, Brooklyn
TR95-18 Bruce Ave, Brooklyn
TR96-18 Stanley St, Berhampore
TR97-18 Grant Rd, Wadestown
TR98-18 Hall St, Newtown
TR99-18 Austin St, Mt Victoria
TR100-18 Napier St, Karaka Bays
TR101-18 Nairn St, Mt Cook
TR102-18 Manchester St, Newtown

An idea of what the charger would look like


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