What About Bulls?

Dear Customers, Champions, Partners, and Friends,

In the very earliest days of the ChargeNet NZ network, there was a map of clearly important charging locations that we knew we had to provide to keep New Zealand charging into the future.

Bulls was on that very first Wishlist.

Well, we are pleased to announce, after just a smidge over 4 years of planning, paperwork, preparation, and… not going to lie, maybe even a few prayers…

Bulls.  Is.  Live.

To celebrate this exciting moment in ChargeNet NZ’s history, we are going to be bringing you an event mid to late November after the first ever Electrifying Conversations Conference and Roadshow (if you are on the North Island, chances are, the convoy will be passing through a town near you!).

Thank you everyone for your patience, and thank you to all our partners and supportive and collaborative friends for helping get this much needed location livened.

Stay tuned for more official news on Bulls, as well as several other imminent locations getting switched on to keep you on the move across Aotearoa.

Thank you to our dear friend Thomas Curtis for this picture of his van charging in Bulls.