Tap the +/- symbol to zoom in. To view the interactive map key, click the arrow icon at far left of the blue/grey bar above the map. You can deselect categories in the key to suit your requirements.

Additional Information:

  1. The planned opening dates are approximate. Many factors beyond our control make it impossible to guarantee that any site will be open by a specific date.
  2. The purpose of this map is primarily to describe our current network plans. For detailed descriptions of each site visit Google maps, charge.net.nz/locations or our Start Charge page.
  3. All ChargeNet DC chargers carry both a CHAdeMO and a CCS tethered plug.
  4. The CCS plugs are currently being swapped from CCS-1 to CCS-2. All new stations will be CCS-Type 2. To see which stations are still CCS-Type 1 click here.
  5. The 22kW AC charger at The Strand, Tauranga has two Mennekes/Type-2 sockets to which you need to BYO cable.