About ChargeNet NZ Ltd


ChargeNet NZ built it, and here you are!

The ChargeNet NZ story began in 2015 as a few enterprising Kiwis with a dream of encouraging people to turn on to electric vehicles.  Through a mix of imagination, determination, and some pretty clever software we’re now the largest privately owned, fast charging network in the Southern Hemisphere!
With 200 strategically positioned fast charging stations, we give EV drivers a convenient and reliable EV charging network throughout New Zealand, from the far North to the deep South. We use cutting-edge hardware technology that’s rigorously tested to be safe and reliable. While our fast charging stations are rugged and built to withstand the elements, they also are designed to be driver-friendly and offer a premium charging experience.
ChargeNet NZ is committed to providing and maintaining a world-class EV charging network to keep New Zealand charging into the future.


Electric Vehicle Charging Network

From the earliest days of any new technology, there are barriers to adoption.  New Zealand is a relatively new player on the Electric Vehicle world stage.  But as we have seen the world over, being young, passionate and innovative can and do change the world.

Pioneers and Champions across New Zealand are flocking to electrified transport, and ChargeNet NZ have built and maintain a network across New Zealand’s major thoroughfares.

ChargeNet NZ have the Solution

ChargeNet NZ have built a nation-wide network of Rapid DC Chargers that let any EV owner quickly recharge their vehicle, typically in 10 – 30 minutes.

Free from the constraints imposed by the hazardous nature of traditional fossil-based transport fuels, EV charging stations can be placed in much more convenient locations, like shopping malls and supermarkets where you would typically park for at least 20 – 30 minutes anyway.

How does Fast Charging work?

Electric Vehicles have a charger built in that converts the AC power from the grid into DC power for the car’s battery. Due to size and weight constraints this onboard charger is limited in power and so typically takes six hours to fully charge a car.

A Rapid DC Charger is a much larger version of the onboard charger, and converts high power 3-phase AC into powerful DC current. Bypassing the onboard charger dramatically reduces the charge time, usually to less than 30 minutes.

New Zealand’s fastest Electric Vehicle Chargers

In August 2020, we installed a pair of Dual 300kW Hyperchargers in Auckland, the first of their kind and the fastest publicly available chargers in New Zealand. The Hyperchargers, allow EV drivers to quickly add hundreds of kilometres of driving range in the short time it takes to stop for lunch and a coffee.

Specific EV models can charge at the 300kW Hyperchargers six times faster than on ChargeNet’s standard 50kW charging stations, enabling the newest generation of EVs to add 300km of charge in only 10 minutes. Learn more about the hyperchargers here