256 charging stations
and growing every day

From Cape Reinga to Bluff, we’ve got you covered. With a network of more than 250 strategically positioned fast-charging stations (and expanding), we give EV drivers a convenient and reliable EV charging network throughout New Zealand.

Nationwide Network

ChargeNet is committed to driving New Zealand’s electric vehicle future with a network of more than 250 reliable and accessible rapid charging stations nationwide.







Home Charges from ChargeNet

How to charge

While at first glance, a rapid charger might seem high-tech, rest assured they’re quite straightforward. You’ll find a few types of chargers across our network, but they all work similarly. If you need a hand learning the ropes, please visit our support area.

  1. Find a charging station
  2. Plug in your vehicle
  3. Start your session via the app, QR code or fob
  4. Monitor your charging session via the app
  5. Unplug and move your car as soon as you’re done to avoid overstaying fees

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