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Rapid charging

With a network of more than 280 rapid (25-50kW) and hyper-rapid (300kW) charging stations, EV drivers can rely on our convenient and reliable EV charging network, wherever they are in the country.

Nationwide Network

We’re committed to driving New Zealand’s electric vehicle future with a network of reliable and accessible rapid and hyper-rapid charging stations nationwide.

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Home Charges from ChargeNet

Up to 400km in 15 minutes

We’re building a network of hyper-rapid (300kW) charging stations as EV infrastructure needs grow and the demand for faster and higher power charging increases. At the moment, you’ll find the hyper-rapid charging stations at Bombay, Kaiwaka and Taupo, with additional sites in the pipeline.

The 300kW hyperchargers are the fastest publicly available EV chargers in New Zealand, adding up to 400km in 15 minutes for some vehicles*. In addition, each station can charge two CCS vehicles at up to 300kW and one CHAdeMO vehicle at up to 62kW, allowing charging for up to six EVs at dual sites.

With the support of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund, future hyper-rapid sites include Auckland, Bulls, Christchurch, Dunedin, Kaiwaka, Rotorua, Tauranga, Queenstown, Waikato, and Wellington.

50kW chargers will continue to be indispensable to our network. But quick ‘Stop and Go’ hyper-rapid charging sites along the main routes will remove an extra barrier of uptake and help accelerate EV adoption.

How long will it take
to charge my EV?

At a ChargeNet DC rapid charger, you can usually expect to add about 100 km range in 15 – 30 minutes. The two main variables are: how many kWh you want, and what type of connection your EV will use. You can stop a charge at any time if you need to get going.

How to charge

While at first glance, a rapid  charger might seem high-tech, rest assured they’re quite straightforward. You’ll find a few types of chargers across our network, but they all work similarly. If you need a hand learning the ropes, please visit our support area.

  1. Find a charging station
  2. Plug in your vehicle
  3. Start your session via the app, QR code or fob
  4. Monitor your charging session via the app
  5. Unplug and move your car as soon as you’re done to avoid overstaying fees

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