Flexible EV charging solutions for businesses

With a nationwide EV charging network and more than six years experience ChargeNet is New Zealand’s leading provider of EV charging solutions.

We offer a range of sophisticated and reliable turnkey EV charging solutions, and are well-positioned to facilitate an encouraging charging experience for businesses, fleets and end users. Our integrated portfolio of hardware, software, and services deliver the smoothest possible experience for both businesses and drivers. When everything works together, EV charging is better for everyone.

As a Kiwi company ourselves, we’re ensuring businesses can support a sustainable future by providing turnkey charging solutions. Contact us to discuss your charging needs.

Commercial chargers

Alpitronic 150kW & 300kW
Hyper-rapid Charger

The Alpitronic hyperchargers are the most compact and powerful solutions on the market. Available in two housing sizes, four power options, and many cable options, they provide charging voltages across nearly the entire range from 150 Vdc up to 1000 Vdc, making it possible to charge the most technologically advanced electric vehicles and heavy traffic vehicles. In addition, the Alpitronic hyperchargers are available in two future-proofed models that contain power stacks that can be added at a later date to increase the charging capacity to suit your immediate charging needs as well as considering the vehicles that will be on the roads in the future.

Tritium RTM 75kW
DC Rapid Charger

Modular, scalable, and the first of its kind – Tritium’s RTM 75kW is the tipping point to electrification of transportation and is powering the e-mobility revolution. The charger comes with dual ports – CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connector (CCS) – and can charge both at the same time. This smart, scalable and reliable platform couples Tritium’s DNA of liquid cooling and small footprint, with a modular power electronics design. The RTM75 is suited to a number of EV charging use cases including EV fleet operations, convenience stores, heavy vehicle destination charging, retail, and department and convenience stores, as well as parking lots.

Tritium Veefil RT 50kW
DC Rapid Charger

The Veefil-RT is liquid cooled, which controls heat and reduces wear on internal components, and is designed for optimal functionality over a wide range of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and corrosive conditions. The 50kW DC rapid charger has the world’s smallest footprint for an electric vehicle rapid charger, offering owners greater flexibility in the choice of installation locations. The Veefil-RT fits well into compact spaces and existing structures. Being easy to install, it delivers reduced set-up costs and a faster installation time, so charging services can be offered sooner.

Delta DC WallBox 25kW
DC Rapid Charger

The Delta 25kW DC Wallbox is New Zealand’s most popular entry-level DC charger, and for good reason. With dual cables as standard, this wall-mountable charger provides 100-150km range for every hour of charge to every DC capable EV on the road today. Communicating via OCPP, the DC Wallbox can be managed and controlled remotely, allowing features such as user identification, load management, and full usage reporting. The DC Wallbox has earned its place in many fleets, private and public applications due to its versatility, reliability, and modest installation requirements.

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