Road Tripping with Kids in an EV – Insights and Tips for a successful family adventure

ChargeNet Road Tripping with Kids in an EV

If you’ve ever wondered what a family road trip would be like in an EV, this post is for you. Travelling with kids, whether in a petrol car, aeroplane, or EV, offers a unique blend of challenges and delights.

One of the ChargeNet team members recently embarked on a journey with three kids snugly packed in the back of a Hyundai Kona, venturing from Auckland down to Rotorua for a weekend brimming with excitement (hello zorbing and luging!).

As a seasoned traveller, their number one tip is simple: leave home with a full charge. And fear not, navigating the roads in an EV is more seamless than you might think, especially with the emergence of long-range models boasting ranges exceeding 450 km.

Here are some practical (kid-approved) tips gleaned from their experience.

  1. Making the Journey Fun

    When travelling with kids in an electric vehicle, the journey can be just as enjoyable as the destination. Here are some tips to keep the fun alive:

    • Align Your Charging Sessions: Find a charger near a local park (hello Tamahere) or similar spots where kids can play while the car charges.
    • Get Involved: Get the kids involved in the experience—many are naturally curious about electric vehicles. Let them help plug in and monitor the charging session at select stops. It’s a hands-on way to engage them and make the journey more interactive for everyone.
    • Spotting EVs: Turn spotting EVs into a game the whole family can enjoy. Swap out “spot a yellow car” for “spot a Tesla” or any other EV model you encounter along the way. It’s a fun and educational way to engage everyone while promoting eco-friendly transportation.
    • Snack Time: Keep hunger at bay and spirits high with a variety of road trip snacks. From toddlers to teenagers (and let’s be honest, adults, too), everyone loves a good snack break during the journey.
    • Jam Sessions: Create a playlist filled with everyone’s favourite tunes and let the music enhance the overall road trip experience. Sing along at the top of your lungs and enjoy the ride together. For quieter moments, kid-friendly podcasts (The Fact Detectives and Super Great Kids’ Stories are our favourites) can be a great way to keep everyone entertained and engaged.
  2. Planning for Success

    Effective planning ensures a smooth journey in your EV adventure with kids. Consider these essential steps to make your family road trip both enjoyable and hassle-free:

    • Route Planning: Before hitting the road, take some time to map out your route and identify the best charging spots along the way. Look for stations conveniently located near amenities like restrooms, restaurants, and, ideally, a playground for the little ones to enjoy.
    • Know Your Vehicle: Understand your EVs range and charging requirements. Each model is different, so knowing what works best for your specific vehicle is crucial.
    • ABC Method (Always Be Charging): Shorter “snacking” charging sessions for 15 minutes every couple of hours allow you to stretch your legs and stock up on your favourite snacks. Stop often to recharge yourself and the car. It’s safer, keeps you more aware, and you’re less likely to have any setbacks – plus, we’ve got you covered in terms of supplying both AC chargers and DC chargers for both short and long stops.
    • Utilise Apps: Make use of apps to help you find the most suitable charging stations along your route. Consider factors like charging speed and availability when planning your stops.
  3. Extra Tips for a Smooth Journey

    If you’re road tripping with kids for the first time, here are a few additional tips to ensure a smooth journey:

    • Pack Entertainment: Bring along games, books, and toys to keep the kids entertained during the journey. Consider packing a tablet loaded with their favourite movies or shows.
    • Comfort is Key: Ensure everyone is comfortable by packing pillows, blankets, and even a travel neck pillow for those longer stretches of driving.
    • Frequent Stops: Plan for regular pit stops to stretch your legs, use the restroom, and let the kids burn off some energy. Consider incorporating short nature walks or scavenger hunts at rest stops to keep things interesting.
    • Stay Hydrated: Pack plenty of water and encourage everyone to stay hydrated throughout the journey. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and irritability, so make sure to drink up.

Ready to hit the road?

These tips will help you navigate your EV family road trip smoothly. Explore our map for convenient charging points and enjoy every mile. Here’s to safe travels and discovering new destinations together!